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Scholarship: Phú Xuân University

Phú Xuân University was established in Huế in 2003. It draws students from rural background of central and north central provinces such as Thừa Thiên, Bắc Giang, Quảng Ninh, Hà Tĩnh, where higher education facilities are severely limited. A great majority of the student body came from financially struggling families. Their parents, hard-working laborers and farmers, have done everything in their capabilities to put away enough savings to send their kids far away for a higher education that they believe would open up opportunities to a better future for their children. They eagerly want to secure for their children a life better than the one they are experiencing .

VHI was there from the beginning in 2003, supporting the poor students at Phú Xuân University with partial scholarships, and pledge to continue to support them .


The first 25 students receiving VHI scholarships.


More students receiving VHI scholarships.


Prof. Nguyễn Đình Ngộ, rector of Phú Xuân University, advising the sholarship recipients to do their best at school.


Xuân Thủy, honor student, gave a
thank-you speech on behalf of her fellow scholarship recipients.


The whole faculty staff and students:
a photo souvenir for VHI .


Two yearslater: the students with Prof.Võ Xuân Hân (VHI-BOD member) and Mr. Cao Huy Hoá, coordinator, Phú Xuân U Student Affairs

Thank-you speech from Nguyen Thi Xuan Thuy 
Student Representative for Scholarship Recipients


to: The School Representatives
Professor Vo Hung, Science Department, Administration Director
Professor Nguyen Dinh Ngo, School Principal,
And to All my Dear Teachers and Schoolmates

Today, I stand before you deeply moved and honored to represent my fellow students to speak at this scholarship award ceremony.

Leaving my high school bench for college classroom, I was both immensely happy and anxious on the first day I stepped inside this University’s auditorium, for I realized I am stepping into a whole new world. On that very first day of the school Grand Opening, the advice that our caring Principal delivered to us stayed imprinted in our minds like the word of a wise and compassionate father.  Your words of wisdom will guide us and help us navigate the rough road ahead.

We know that in college we should not only expand our mind but we must also strive to become a better person.  In the past few months, we have been fortunate to learn a great deal from our beloved teachers. You have committed your life to teaching and helping us live a meaningful life.

As recipients of this scholarship, we shall never forget the effort and dedication of the school staff, of our Principal, our teachers and friends who all have made it possible for us to move ahead.

We’d like to thank VHI and its contributors. Even though you are half way around the world, you still share your love, concern and gifts with our Phu-Xuan school, and supported us throughout our early days full of difficulties.

 We are deeply touched and can definitely say that this much-loved school will forever hold a special place in our hearts. 

 We shall always remember with gratitude the devotion of our dear teachers who provide us the means to fly high on the intellectual path.

Once again, to our Principal and teachers we promise you that we will work our hardest to achieve higher goals, to become the first proud graduates of Phu-Xuan University, to deserve the confidence of VHI, and to make Phu-Xuan University one of the best schools in the region.

In closing, we wish the School Representatives, our teachers and our fellow students good health and success in their lives.


                                                                                       Year 2003